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    Hey everybody, I have a 1995 seadoo xp 720, my motor is stock with rebuilt carbs and all fuel lines replaced etc. I am looking at buying a spec 2 factory pipe with the ECWI. I have heard a lot of things, about this pipe. -you can run stock just fine -need aftermarket flame arresters -need...
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    92 SP Takes a while to start

    So I got my 92 SP tuned up. Runs great once it’s started. But even in the water if can take some time to start. I’m not sure if this is just common with the older skis, but my other ski always started right up. It seems to be tuned good as far as I can tell runs perfect in the water but just has...
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    Performance Issue with 1996 SP Seadoo

    Hello, I have a 1996 SP seadoo. I bought this used and I have owned this for 2.5 years. About mid summer of last year I noticed a performance issue while at the lake. I noticed that when taking off, the ski seems to just sit in the water and is sluggish to take off. The engine revs up, and...