pee hole

  1. youssef

    Mercury M2 pee hole and overheat

    I have a Challenger 2000 with a Mercury M2 240 HP, since there is no way to see if water is coming out from the pee hole in a jet boat and to avoid having it blocked and engine overheat, just add this product which is less than 5 US$ and an indicator lamp to know if water is coming out of the...
  2. P

    No water flowing out of the side "pee hole"

    I have a 2002 RXDI and having trouble figuring out why there is no flowing water out of the pee hole. We have taken the hoses off and cleared them and saw nothing is stuck, also removed the grate and nothing was there. It doesn't seem to be over heating or causing any trouble, we just want...
  3. T

    657x how does water flow into head or engine for cooling?

    how does water flow from the exhaust into the head or engine for cooling purposes and then flow out the pee hole? any help understanding this would be appreciated
  4. T

    657x no water from "pee hole"

    95 seadoo speedster.. first time out boat ran ok, both engines showed water peeing from pee hole. took boat to mechanic to have carbs on starboard side rebuilt. took boat out and water wouldnt pee from peehole on starboard side flushed engine from top at factory flush fitting, water come...