1. Bowser

    1994 -1999 GTI GTS OEM Handle Bar Chin Pad Cover 277000260 - Purple

    eBay item number: 125936882973 SeaDoo 1994-1999 GTI GTS OEM Handle Bar Chin Pad Cover Fresh Water 277000260 - Purple Condition is used: The rubber is still bendy and intact all over. There is one tear on the surface, 1” in length, shown. There are two indents near the tear, shown. Color is...
  2. Brholwer

    Can i remove the yellow handle bar pad on a 1996 seadoo and leave it like that?

    i want to get rid of the nasty yellow pad and i dont know if it has a bar across that i could put a renthal bar cover over, i think it would look much cooler.
  3. L

    Handlebar pad and grab bar for 95 XP.

    Does anyone have a correct handlebar pad for a 95 xp? I don't care about looks, I want to buy a cover from hydro turf, but right now I don't have anything at all. Also,anyone might have a rear grab bar in decent shape? Mine has huge chunks out of it. Shipping will be to South Carolina...