1. briancayko

    Throttle body electrical plug disconnect/Limp home mode/P212C, P2620, P2621

    Hey yall, first time on the water yesterday the starboard engine was immediately in Limp home mode & threw codes P212C, P2620, & P2621. I got it back home & it seemed like that engine was running "rough" & maybe missing a little so I checked all the plugs & they were all fine & firing. I found...
  2. R

    RXPX260 error code p1120 and p2620 after +6800 rpm

    Hi, i have an RXPX260 and i have a problem, my pwc works Ok, but when i pull it to +6800 rpm (aprox), get a long biiiiiiip and then the check engine light and the engine blocks in 2000 rpm (aprox) The diags code are p1120 and p2620. anybody knows whats happening? thanks.
  3. T

    2011 GTS Unknown code P16C7

    I have a 2011 GTS that got a bunch of warranty work done and is now acting weird. It will randomly throw a P16C7. I'm certain that is the code. I have never seen a trouble code before with letters in it but I'm certain that is it. It will go into limp mode but with a restart it acts fine. It...