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    P0326 - Knock Sensor out of range - Long History

    I have a Seadoo wake pro 215 from 2009 - 151 hours, and having problems regarding the knock sensor (P0326), I got a original B.U.D.S tester on it and are having the info: knock sensor out of range this is only showing when I go above 6000-7000 RPM. What i have done so far: Removed the old knock...
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    03 gtx 4tec supercharged p0326

    well got this code testing my ski out of the water. seems like anytime i deliver the rpms above 5,000. here's the scoop..... rebuilt the entire engine over the winter along with another 4 tec. the other runs great. soooo i have all new pistons w/rings. one piston oversized. and all new 93...