overheating exhaust

  1. mxrider9239

    1993 seadoo xp overheating?

    hey guys never really thought about it too much but today i was getting a little worried lol, i started my day by getting my ski ready started right up beautfully took it out and rode it for a solid 30mins. i shut it off for a little to take a break and about ten minutes later got on and tried...
  2. 1

    2003 Sportster 4tec overheating exhaust with continuous alarm

    15ft 2003 Sportster 4tec 155hp Two separate issues dont know if they are related. First: Overheating after running at 3000-3500 rpm for 4-5 minutes while in water. very hot exhaust. Where should I start if i would like to eliminate blockage and narrow down the cause. Second: I ran...