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    Jet pump oil seal question

    Just replaced my jet pump bearing for the first time and all the seals. The dealer said one of my part numbers (oil seal) super seeded to a newer part number. This one looks entirely different than mine. I’ll attach photos of my old one vs new. My old one didn’t have an open side but the new one...
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    How to install oil seal in 787 magneto housing without $150 in specialty tools?

    Hello all, I have a 1996 GTX. It has moisture damage inside ignition housing and i am replacing just about all contained parts. My question: Is it possible/very difficult to remove old and install new oil seal in the magneto housing without the pusher and handle specified in the shop...
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    2003 Supercharger Question

    I have a 2003 GTX Limited with ~150 hours on it. I am not having a problem, but having read all the problems with the superchargers, I decided to look at mine. I took the inlet hose off and found a small amount of engine oil in the hose and inlet. I measured the slip moment of the clutch at ~5...
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    Supercharger Testing

    With the supercharger off the engine, does anybody know if there is a way to see if the oil seal leaks? S/C was brand new and only run less than an hour and local shop said oil seal was bad. There's no visible damage, it spins freely, etc. Thanks, Ron
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    Seadoo oil seal replacement?

    Hey everybody sorry if I posted anything in the wrong spot or didn't give enough info. im new This is my problem: I have a 1993 seadoo xp that leaks oil into the cylinders and i am pretty sure that i have bad crankshaft oil seals. I am pretty mechanically inclined but new to jet ski engines. I...