not starting up

  1. Charlieab94

    2006 RXP 215 - Instrument gauges not working, won't start but has power. Help please?

    This is a long story so I will start from the beginning and give as much info as I can. I went out on my jetski this morning and all was good. I beached the ski at the coastal pub and went for a beer and all was good. I then got back on my ski and found it to be properly beached and the rear...
  2. R

    gti le stalled on lake

    got a 2002 gti le and ran it all day. then all of a sudden it stalled. i had filled the machine 3 times and did not put in any oil as i was told it was self injecting. (new to the seadoo world) so at first i thought it stalled as a safety feature for no oil. i put in about 2 litres of oil and it...