1. E

    New to forum (help needed)

    Good day, Could someone please assist with 2 x questions-bought a jetski with no paperwork/manual. 1st question: Got this detail of the end of the ski: YDV35827A505-cannot seem to find any detail on specific model/year. 2nd question: Where would I be able to purchase a ECU for this ski, as...
  2. PedroMuniz

    Hi to All. Newbe here, my name is Pedro

    Hi to All, Pedro here. Just got a GTI 130 2010 from a friend that is upgrading to a jet boat... Need to do some good work to get the PWC shining and working fine, though. Hope to get some help here as I am new to PWC. Will get my boat license in 2 weeks time as in Singapore and Japan you need...
  3. Kevinsnan

    HELP WITH Seadoo 1997 GTI

    Hi all, Looking for some advice really. looked at several of the 'first time buyer' threads and got a couple of questions on top. I have just got a Seadoo 1997 GTI. Thought this would be a great ski for someone of my ability. My main questions are about starting from cold and general SOP's...