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    Carbs not feeding same amount of fuel

    I recently rebuilt both of my carbs for a 96 GTI with the OSDMarine kit that specifies no need to set popoff pressure (return to OEM kit i believe). At the time I rebuilt my carbs I thoroughly went through and cleaned everything. Yesterday, I started the engine fine by pouring a splash of gas...
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    PLEASE HELP NEW-B.. Jet pump shaft wont fit new bearings

    Hi all- Im new here; I hope I am doing this right and in the right section. I have a 97 GSX. I pulled the jetpump to do a rebuild. Got the new needle bearings etc... and the shaft will smoothly go through the rear bearing but not the other bearing. I thought it was maybe defective or...
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    96 Challenger 787 Water Pressure Regulator Valve Adjustment

    Hey guys, My water pressure regulator valve was leaking so I pulled it off the resonator to clean it. I unscrewed the needle from the bottom of it. I know the adjustment of the valve is critical. How do I know how far to screw in the needle? The service manual doesn't state it...
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    96 challenger 787 carb needle/seat help

    Can anyone tell me what the correct stock needle and seat size is for these carbs? 1.5mm or 2.0? Also, which spring is correct for stock? Lastly, does anyone know if I can use a MityVac to test pop-off?