1. Bowser

    Front 717 720 Rotax Motor Mounts

    eBay item number: 125456625311 Sea-Doo Rotax 717 720 Motor Mounts Two front 270 000 179 mounts Condition is good Hardware condition is good Genuine SeaDoo items Will be shipped in rigid cardboard box wrapped snugly in packaging paper USPS Shipping Thanks for looking! Check out my other...
  2. N

    Options to mount wakeboard on jet ski

    So I've seen Sea Doo offer wake board racks for the newer jet ski models but I own a 1997 GTX 3 seater and a 2000 RX two seater ski, can anyone recommend any aftermarket products that will accommodate either of the skis? I just got a wakeboard and Im excited to start. Thank you, Dean
  3. W

    Installing 2007 OEM tower on 2003 Sportster 4Tec

    My Sportster came with the oval recessed shaped tower mounts but not with the tower! I just picked up a 2007 OEM tower for a song. The 2007 version uses a different mount (sticks out more) and has different turrets on the feet of the tower that don't seem to work with the 2003 mounts. The...