1. Armysinger

    Hello ALL. SEA DOO EXPLORER Motor Upgrade

    Hello All, I am hoping I can get some quality advice on what to do with my Sea Doo Explorer. I have a 2002 Sea Doo Explorer with a worn out 717. Has lower compression (120's ) and needs a refreshing. I'd rather put the $700 - $800 towards a larger motor to get more power. Loaded down, it...
  2. 2

    95 XP Engine swap questions 717 to 657

    So I bought my original complete 95 xp with a 717 motor and within 2 days blew that motor up (I have a whole thread on it. FML) So here's my ordeal.... My new (to me) 95 xp with a 717 actually came with 2 spare motors both 657! Freakin awesome deal! One seems like it has good compression and...
  3. B

    657 to 587 it possible?

    I have a pristine 93 xp with a blown motor and a 93 xp with a trashed hull but a little use motor in it. can the motors be swapped and if so will the ignition box and the exhaust bolt up or will i have to change them too?