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    1995 XP 720 - Motor problem

    Hello, I recently installed a new piston and rings in a 720 XP. Took it for a 10 minute ride and it cut-out abrupty while reving at a good speed. The starter wasn't strong enough to turn it over on the water, but when I got back to the house and charged up the battery that seemed uncharged, it...
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    New to jet boating and having some issues (1997 Challeger 1800)

    Hey guys I'm new to jet boats and need a little advice. I bought a 1997 challenger 1800 this spring and staring to have a problem with the starboard engine. I De-winterized it, put fresh gas in, and topped off the oil. Took it out on the river for about 2 hours it ran amazing 63mph WOT on...