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    what kinds of mods are there for a 2000 rx 951

    i love the thing, fast, jumps good, 2 seater, looks good, but i would like a liittle more ummmph.... i would like a combo that gives more top end but doesnt take away take off, anything you have in mind, any links are apreciated, and any 'bang for buck' mods you know of, tell me please... also i...
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    2000 Millenium or 2001 GTXdi

    2000 Millenium or 2001 blue GTX Hey guys, I'm looking at two machines. A 2000 Millenium that was oversized to about ~1100cc around 15hrs ago. I really like its trim feature but it looks a little rough compared to the 2nd one which is a 2001 GTX. It's VERY clean, a 3 seaters but no trim. It...