mikuni bn46i

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    Busted Brass check valve coming out of accelerator pump. Looking for replacement options.

    The other day while I was fixing a fuel leak on my accelerator pump lines the brass nipple on the check valve busted off and I haven’t been able to to find a replacement or a possible solution for this as there are like no part numbers for the accelerator pump. I will attach a picture of what...
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    2000 Sea-Doo LRV 951 motor / Mikuni BN46i Carb rebuild

    Hi, I got a 2000 LRV that only had 25 hours on it, and had been stored inside for the last 10 years. It is beautiful, but when I went to use it late last summer I learned it had the grey fuel lines. So anyhow I have removed the carbs (wow, what a pain) and in disassembling the mag carb I...