maintenance message

  1. T

    Will maintenance message prevent starting?

    I have a 2015 GTI 130 with about 55 hours. I have not taken it to a dealer and there is a maintenance message showing on the display. When I press the start button, I get the 2 beeps and the display comes on but the ski will not crank (no clicking or any cranking sounds). I shorted across the...
  2. T

    Wake 155 Maint flashing

    I have 145 hours on my Wake 155. When starting I get the flashing "Maint" message. I recently changed the oil and need to reset the "Maint" indicator. I have read of holding down the reset button for 3 seconds while the Maint indicator is flashing. However, I am not familiar with "what the...
  3. K

    2004 SeaDoo XP DI - Maintenance light - low power

    Hey everybody, i'm a new proud owner of a used seadoo xp di 2004. I went out for the first ride, but after about 1 minute, the maintenance light will come up and the power will be reduced to a very low rpm. :( The next day I had the same problem. I have absolutely no idea what to...
  4. KefirSeaDoo

    Reset "Main" message on 2005 SeaDoo RXT LCD Panel

    Hello everyone! Wow, it has been a long time since I visited this website! I have had a, "Main", (maintenance) message appear on my instrument panel on my 2005 Seadoo RXT. With the amount of hours between my last oil change, I imagine it is now time for a new one and like clockwork I am...