maintenance light

  1. Nancy J

    I love my 2001 GTX - but I have questions

    I've owned two Sea Doo's. They are so much fun. But I'm having a problem that we can't figure out. Any suggestions on where to go to get help would be most appreciated. My local retailor says they can't service my 2001 Sea Doo GTX because they no longer have the computerized equipment (?)...
  2. S

    2003 Sea Doo GTX DI Maintenance Light Problem (NEED HELP)!

    If anyone has any ideas I am listening... After taking my 2003 Sea Doo GTX DI jet ski to an authorized Sea Doo Dealer at a nearby marina. I came home to test my PWC and had the same problem. The jet ski starts the first time every day the user gets on it and functions perfectly for hours... The...