low speed

  1. Q

    2002 GTX 4-TEC

    Hello, I just purchased a 2002 GTX 4-Tec. It has only 70 hours and not a scratch on it. It only reaches about 6500 RPM and maybe 41MPH. Previous owner had said the wear ring had been replaced. I have not checked clearance yet. When the DES is plugged in, it beeps twice but keeps beeping twice...
  2. Samartin1224

    HELP!! Seadoo GTI 155 (2007)

    My problem: I let my brother-in-law drive my 2007 GTI 155 SE. (88 hours on it) He thought it’d be cool to pull up on the reverse handle like an E brake in a car at top speed. Everything broke. I replaced the reverse cable and the lever started working again. Since then, the ski will top out at...
  3. M

    Disconnected exhaust

    So I have a 1997 Seadoo SPX that has been having top end RPM/Speed issues when in water. When out of water I can mash on the throttle and there does not seem like there is an issue, it revs and tops out with the signature 2-stroke sound at top end. When in the water, I have mild acceleration to...
  4. V

    2012 Speedster Low RPM

    Greetings, I just put my recently purchased 2012 Seadoo 155 Speedster in the water. Only 17 hours of use. It was not able to achieve over 5500 RPM and actually started being less during a 2-hour run. I would appreciate any thoughts on this...
  5. X

    2009 Speedster 150 SC tops 34 mph????

    Im in Minnesota and took out my 09 Speedster 150 255hp SC and typically it will do 62+ at 7900 rpm. Today I could only hit 34 mph at 5900 rpm?? No cavitation noticed. The last time I had it out I had recently put a new wear ring on and prop, new oil in and everything to winterize it, it was...
  6. T

    Intermittent power at full throttle and speedometer died

    Hello, Just took the jet ski out after replacing the old fuel lines. I avoided rebuilding the carbs because the previous owner had not run it in a few years and I was hoping the gunk in the old fuel lines hadn't disrupted the fuel filters in the carbs. So, when I brought up to full throttle...