low rpms

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    1998 Sea Doo GTX LTD 951 Run Away//Low Running RPM

    Hi everyone, kinda new here and to the PWC field in general, but more familiar with ATVs, anyway, here's my issue(s); Picked up a 1998 seadoo gtx ltd so far I have; 1) swapped a known running motor (on land) out of a different 1998 seadoo GTX LTD 2) cleaned but not rebuilt the carbs 3) replaced...
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    '03 GTX SC 185hp - Low RPM problem...need answers.

    On my '03 GTX SC, I just replaced the pump (aluminum pump housing, new wear ring, bearings). I also replaced the impeller with the Solas recommended one for stock engines (Concord SR-CD 12/20). I also replaced the driveshaft, thru-hull floating hat, carbon seal, PTO bearing and bellow. The oil...
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    2002 GTX (carb) Rave Question

    I have a 2002 GTX that is only getting to about 6k rpms. Riding last weekend, it would do the normal almost 7k - a few family members rode throughout the day and now it is lagging. I found the crankcase line (connected to the check valve) unhooked. I hooked it back up to no avail. Since then...
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    2012 Speedster 255HP - Lacking in RPM after 9 hours of use

    Thoughts anyone? Only 9 hours old, jet is in perfect condition. It used to pull 8000 RPM out of the hole and hold it. At its worst on the water would rev 7600 for about 3 seconds, then drop to 6200 RPM thereafter. It appeared as if supercharger was shut-off or it was loading up on fuel...