1. D

    Loctite 518 and Molykote

    Is there a good substitute for 518 on the bolts are people using something different? I can't find 518 locally, I can order it but I didn't know if there is something I could just go get. Same goes for molykote 111 mine got lost in shipping and I'm looking for a good local alternative for crank...
  2. BigAl57

    How can I secure tailpiece from vibrating loose

    I had to replace the tailpipe and exhaust hose in my seadoo, due to a "dumb" mistake. Anyway, I have all the parts but it's a challenge to tighten the nut onto the pipe, other than by using my hands. I couldn't get a wrench of any kind into the tight spot and my finger grip isn't what it used...
  3. Charleston

    Loctite 518

    Funny little thing about the 787. They seem to call out Loctite 518 (P/N 293800038). I have looked around and no one carries it locally. Autozone discontinued carrying it. You can buy it online for a pretty penny. This product is an anaerobic gasket maker used for one bolt during the...
  4. dothadoo

    150 Speedster 215 grate replacement

    My 07 Speedster 150 needs to have the grate replaced. From what I have read, the front bolt it really the hardest one to get to. Is there a way to get to that bolt without having to lift the engine? I have a new OEM grate ready to install. I think I remember reading to use the blue loctite, not...