1. captcharles

    How badly did I screw up fuel line vent??? '06 Utopia 205

    I was working in the engine compartment and leaned up against something and heard a pop. Much to my dismay I broke off a fuel barb fitting. How bad it this going to be? Do I have to replace the whole fuel pump or anyone know how to repair this. I think it's a fuel vent line but not certain...
  2. P

    Now to replace all oil and water lines...

    Anyone have a list of the oil and water line sizes and quanty , and which type of tubing to get to replace them 94 GTS and 96 GTI...Thanks again guys
  3. J

    95 GTX air in oil line

    I replaced the oil filter on my 95 Seadoo GTX and got air in the oil lines (unavoidably). I bled the oil pump and there is no longer air in the line with the oil filter. Later I noticed air in the larger oil line that runs along the port side of the ski. It has about 6 inches of air in the...