1. f15radar

    Leisure Lift

    I need to redo these on a new dock, but have lost my instructions. Does anyone have some instructions that I can get a copy of? Thanks.
  2. K

    Lift onto trailer

    My 2006 SeaDoo Wake Edition PWC was rolled off its trailer by Hurricane Harvey, it is laying on the ground next to the trailer. Not sure there is any damage to the Wake, but whether there is or not I have to get it back on the trailer. There is no center lift "hook" under the seats. I have...
  3. looped1234

    Lifting a 155 speedster

    Lifting a 150 Speedster Hello Anyone know, can you lift a 2009 seadoo speedster by its 2 tie downs in the back and one upfront? Bought a new house on the water with 2 Davits. If not any other ideas on how to lift it with the davits? Are slings hard to use with 2 davits? Thanks, Troy
  4. chevyguy

    Starting from lift -- hard starts in water

    We finally got a lift for our 93 spx. Hard starts last year from sitting in water & sometimes water in bilge. What is the best way to launch from a lift? 1. Start it, lower lift, get on and ride? 2. Start. Stop. Lower lift, and ride? 3. Try starting it in water (this is what we had...