1. E

    Speedster 150 - swim ladder extension?

    Hi all, 2008 seadoo speedster 150 swim ladder - I am having hard time using the swim ladder, get back in the boat after swimming isn’t easy! Any ladder extension possible? Like a second step or any aftermarket ladder ideas? Thanks
  2. bradmagnus

    Speedster Ladder Pin

    Hi I'm a brand new Speedster owner and new boat owner too, but today out on the lake the pin that holds the ladder in (when the ladder is deployed) came loose and was lost. From the seadoopartshouse website, I don't see that the pin is available for sale. And I don't see if parts 5 and 6 are...
  3. MVPeterP

    Ladder Bolt Missing - replacement ideas? - i2007 Speedster

    Hi guys, i went to pull my ladder yesterday and it slide right now. I looked on the ordering forms and it looks like a roll pin or something. Just curious if anyone has h ad that fall out and if you just used a regular bolt or something to keep it in. it appears it is just the bolt to keep...
  4. M

    Looking to buy 05 sportster rear ladder..

    I lost my ladder in the water somehow.. its the one with the single peg.. Anyone selling one? i don't want to pay 300 for a new one.. Thanks
  5. blkscorpion

    Seadoo Boarding ladder

    Does anyone have a boarbing ladder for sale. Its for a 1996 seadoo xp. I would like to have it pretty soon. Thanks, Tim