jet pump impeller problem

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    01 GTX DI - Wear Ring Repetative Damage

    Looking for a little further help troubleshooting. Originally had an overheating issue with my 2001 GTX DI and after further investigation found a wear ring that had been darn near ripped to shreds through the impeller. Swap out the wear ring. Boom next ride within 10 minutes overheating again...
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    Problems after Jet Pump Rebuild and Impeller Replacement

    Hi so over the past week I did some work to my ski, a 2002 RX. -I put in an OEM wear ring. -I Rebuilt Jet Pump -I installed Solas Dynafly 13/19 impeller. ---NOTE: Just did this work because my wear ring needed replacement so I figured id do it all now, there were no prior issues. I took...