1. Mikeysthings

    Is this intercool made of copper? How do I clean it

    Rebuilding engine after SC failure. Metal pieces in intercooler along with oil. I was wondering would be good to clean it with? Also is this made of copper?
  2. J

    Intercooler Vent Hose

    Hello everyone, I have a 2010 rxtx 260. The plastic fitting for the IC vent hose broke (I'm going to fix), but I was wondering if there was a diagram showing how the water flows in the IC and everything related (garden hose connection, IBR, etc). This is not the first time it broke as the...
  3. B

    FOR SALE Looking to buy Intercooler SeaDoo rtx is 255

    Great day to everyone, looking to buy 276000179 Intercooler for my SeaDoo rtx is 255. Old one get a hole and now just parked. I m happy with second hand as well, as paying 400-700 usd for new one is kind of a expensive. Anyone also suggestion where to look for that? Also, I see one in...
  4. D

    Aluminum Intercooler

    Does anyone have an aluminum intercooler they want to sell ASAP?
  5. C9R0J0

    2006 Challenger 180 Intercooler, F1000?

    Hi guys, I'm thinking about putting an external intercooler on my 06 Challenger 180. Originally I was thinking about doing the X-charger as well, but from what I've read the fuel consumption increases drastically. My boat has the original oem internal intercooler in it. Is it safe to assume...
  6. JoeZ

    How to upgrade your 215hp Sea-Doo - XCharger Supercharger

    For those looking to add power to their 215 SeaDoo, this is the #1 upgrade. The X-Charger is featured in all 255/260 skis, so it provides OEM reliability and significant performance increase. It will require 42lb injectors, and most IControl skis are already running them. To complete the...
  7. JoeZ

    Fizzle F1000 Intercooler - PWCMuscle Video

    We take a look at Fizzle Factory's F1000 Intercooler, for 215 and 255/260 Sea-Doo engines. The Fizzle F1000 is a great replacement for the stock external intercoolers, offering additional power and stronger durability. Shop our Fizzle products -...
  8. 3ftDeep

    Intercooler Installation

    Here's a great way to add up to 30 HP to your supercharged machine ... If you like our videos, please Subscribe!
  9. dothadoo

    Intercooler Coolant

    Has anyone ever tried Engine Ice in their intercooler? If so, have you noticed a difference, as it is supposed to lower the temp by 10-15 degrees or so. I have some left from when I owned my motorcycle and no sense in wasting it. Typically it was made for a regular radiator.
  10. dothadoo

    Engine Ice?

    So, i have some Engine Ice coolant left over from my motorcycle days. Has anyone had any experience with this product running in their intercooler? It is supposed to cool the engine by up to about 10-15 degrees or so.
  11. J

    RXT-X 255 2008 - How much water is consumed by the exhaust gas system ?

    In the Tech Manuals I see reference to 4 x 0.138" holes that feed open circuit cooling water into the exhaust gas (This is the lake water fed by the jet pump to cool the intercooler, inlet manifold, exhaust muffler and exhaust gas, not the closed circuit coolant that is pumped through the drive...