1. P

    FOR SALE Seadoo Alignment, Carbon Seal Tool, Crank/Cam Locking Tools

    I have several Seadoo 1503 tools for sale. Also have floating ring tool and PTO support tool (never used), as well as cam and crank locking tools (used once). WSM Sea-Doo 1503 PTO Support Tool! This part meets or exceeds OEM specifications! Fits the applications listed below: Brand : WSM Item...
  2. B

    787 Rotax Starboard Port on Block

    Got my 787 rotax installed back into the craft and have begun the reassembly process. I noticed this port diagonal from the center of the rotary valve, does anybody know what it is for? I have searched the owners manual over throughly and can’t find any mention of it, however I doubt any OEM...
  3. F

    Replacing a wire harness

    How difficult is it to replace the wire harness on a 2003 GTX 4tech. Has anyone on this forum replaced the harness? Is there a video or some step by step manual on line? Thank you!
  4. g_campbell

    Guys I need your help!!! Finalizing 787 install 1997 XP

    I have a rebuilt 787 that I have installed back in the hull of my 1997 xp. There are several hoses and cables that I did not remove and I am absolutely clueless as to where they belong! Please help!!
  5. S

    SeaDoo RXP JL Audio Sound System

    Just thought i would share with you guys and get your opinions on the JL marine audio sound system I installed on my RXP X 255. Took me awhile but finally got it done and it sounds amazing!
  6. R

    Rebuilt Engine Installation - What's NOT in the install guide?

    Hey everyone: I've got an engine coming from SBT for the mess that is my 94 SPX. I'm pretty mechanically inclined and all, and I've read the install guides and everything. But I know that there's a ton of knowledge around here about things that probably AREN'T in the documentation that SBT...