idling problems

  1. T

    99 challenger 1800 - Starts first but not after it warms up HELP ??????

    I bought my first seadoo this winter (without a test drive). I have had it out a few times now and keep having the same issue. One motor runs great and the other keeps dieing while idleing but when i do get out to the main lake it runs GREAT. However when I stop and shut it down after an half...
  2. brandon32689

    92 Seadoo Sp idle and Boging help?

    Hello, I am new to the sea doo thing but my friend has a couple so i just got one from a friend and going to upgrade to two new ones next summer, I got a 92 seadoo sp and took it to the lake it starts and all but kind of wants to go to much without any gas on it? also i can give it a little...