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    Two easy questions. idle adjustment and oil tank leaks.

    so I looked at some old threads and saw that leaking two part oil tanks are super common on 97- 02 sea doo skis. I've got a pair of 99 gtx rfi's that both leak. I pulled the one out the other day and there are a few cracks on the seam. I'm sure the other is identical as they both leak...
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    2004 GTX 4-tec 155hp wakeboard changing spark plugs

    Hi all. Does this sound right? I changed the plugs and coolant sensor on my gtx. Started it and it stalled on two separate occasions. It has never stalled before. Usually idles around 2. Well, hooked it to the hose so I could take a little more time to throttle it. It started and stayed...
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    99 GSX RFI wont idle

    I bought my gsx a few months ago and just recently got it out on the water. It started and ran beautifully for 2 outings (3-4 hours of riding). But the 3rd time I took it out, I needed to add a little throttle to start it. Then while riding it would loose power and die (in about 4 seconds)...
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    Reduce forward idle speed on 2011 GTI 155 Limited

    Just purchased a 2011 GTI 155 Limited. The forward idle speed seems way to fast--any way to change the default setting for this?