1. Maxxgold

    2008 Seadoo Speedster 150. Need one piece of Hydro Turf

    I need the very first piece of Hydro Turf replaced on my boat. Is there somewhere I can get only that first piece?
  2. S

    Loving The Hydro Turf!(Yellow Camo)

    I finally got my hydro turf today and got it all installed after messing with the old adhesive for what felt like an eternity. One word. AWESOME! The yellow camo really ties together nicely with the darker grey on my newly upholstered seats. Just thought I would share how awesome this stuff...
  3. poetb

    hydro turf

    Hello, I am looking for old hydro turf for 97 challenger. I want to use them for the template for new matting I bought. Thanks PM me .