1. Sebastian Bluecrew

    Monster 720 build w/FPP, too much HP for this prop

    Matt, chime in.. This is my current setup.. 1997 Seadoo SP with 720, Factory Performance pipe and ECWI Microtouch, WSM piston kit .75mm overbore, dual 44mm Super BN jetted at 132.5 low/120 high @ 20PSI pop-off,Mounted on Westcoast intake manifold, Ocean pro vortex filters, 150psi x2 , Solas...
  2. G

    GTI 155 Horsepower

    Does The 155 Models Have Less power this Year? My manual shows 106 kW Multiply by 1.341 gets you 142 HP Only 12 more HP than 130 models. 97 KW * 1.341 = 130 hp
  3. J

    !996 Sea Doo XP

    Okay So I rode my 1996 Sea doo xp the second week I bought it and It was amazing and worked great besides when I went over huge waves and went 50+ it seemed to be Jumpy. So It died and I replaced the battery and as long as its got gas it wont do this anymore.... But heres the problem. The dang...