1. mxrider9239

    93 xp revving??

    heys guys, went out they other week and flipped the ski. after that it started up fine no problems...shortly after that i shut it off and tried starting it again and it was pretty difficult. once it started it would bog if i gave it a little gas and almost die out until it reached about have...
  2. B

    1995 speedster high engine rev no power help

    I just bought a 1995 speedster and took it out for the first time. At low RPM, 3500, or less both engine show the same RPM and sound and feel like they have equal thrust. As I started to throttle up, the left engine would shoot to 6,000 to 7,000 rpm while the right was steadily working...
  3. L

    96 787 high speed carb setting

    I just rebuilt my carbs on my 96 challenger with a 787. Like many others, the plastic caps were gone. I have seen that the spec'd initial setting should be zero. Does this apply with the caps removed? I would like to get it in the ballpark before I take it out for a test run. Any...