high temp

  1. PolarCelsius


    Last time out on the water, when I would turn off the engine, intermittently upon putting the key back on the high temp LED would flash a few times, then whole info dash would turn off... take out key and try again, eventually it would just work as normal. Now it seems to be indefinite. Will not...
  2. steelcityneal

    Engine Temp Warning / Coolant Hose

    Today I took a ride to Erie and within 10 min ( ready to hit the waves) I got an engine temp alarm. I quickly shut down an looked at my coolant and it was empty. Pre ride check before i got on the water it was full to the appropriate levels! after a sketchy ride back to dock and pulled it. I...
  3. B

    2003 Sea Doo XP Di high temperature warning

    Hello, I have a 2003 Sea Doo XP Di jet ski. After a couple of minutes of riding it; it is giving me a high temp warning (with beeping), and I also smell a light burning smell behind my direct injection engine. I have only had the jet ski a short time, and the hours are low (28 hours to be...