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  2. B

    Rxt 215 taking water. Only in reverse

    Hi everyone I recently purchased 2 rxt 215s they both run like new side by side the whole time but I’m having an issue with one. When I go into reverse the ski starts to take on a lot of water doesn’t take water till the ski isn’t moving anymore. I left it in reverse at a spring I went to and...
  3. C

    No Crank No Nothing 1990 SP580

    Hello. I’ve got a 1990 Sea doo SP580. I am unable to get it to turn crank with the starter button and tether switch button. But when I do the screwdriver thing to the selenoid it runs. When I press down on the tether switch and starter switch nothing happenes. No clicking or anything. I’ve...
  4. Codyth92

    96 GTX lost fire

    I have a 96 GTX 787 and it quit while driving. 2 beeps when you put tether on like normal and whirls over great but doesn’t seem to have any fire. What do you guys think? where should I start with testing
  5. C

    How do you Replace impeller with iBR???

    Ok so I'm no idiot but how you you replace the impeller on a new 2016 Gti 130 with iBR? I've done impeller replacements tons of times but never with the iBR system. The kids sucked up a rock luckily I have a new impeller to replace it with but I don't know where to start with this iBR in the way
  6. P

    2001 sea doo rxdi wont start

    I had a mechanic look at my Sea Doo and these are the things he did and it still will not start: -fuel pressure test (key in 26psi) cranking (107) -compressor test cranking (80 psi) -fuel rail assy and injectors cleaned and inspected, also swapped out with known good one -fuel filter and...
  7. S

    94 Seadoos 657 and 717 wont run in water

    Hey Guys, I recently bought a pair of 94 seadoo gtx's. One with a 657 and one with a 717. Not sure, but I think the 717 is a added motor later, as I haven't been able to find a 94 GTX with a 717. Both are premix 40-1. Anyway, I checked compassion on both. They were good. Both cyl...
  8. P

    Need help with inherited 96 gti seadoo bombardier

    I got a seadoo from my father inlaw when he passed. It just made a clunk when I tried to start it. I have never worked on engines or owned a seadoo. So I took manifold off, took out starter, cleaned all connections, got water out of engin, put oil in sparkplug holes, ex. I finaly got it to fire...