1. Shane0524

    Could these spark plugs cause hard starting?

    I just finished rebuilding the carbs and replacing the fuel lines on my 1996 GTX with a stock 787 setup. The machine has 50 hours. When I took it out for its first test ride after the work it ran great. 7000 rpm no problem and 50+ mph. Here is the one issue though, it tended to be a bit...
  2. A

    Hard to Shift/Throttle on 2002 Utopia 205

    Hi, my 2002 Utopia 205 is getting harder and harder to shift into gear and throttle up. It gets worse as it gets colder outside. This has been ongoing for years. When the reverse gate is up and I throttle up I can feel the cable grinding a bit. Looking for advice. Is there a way to...
  3. L

    1996 787 hard to start when engine is cold

    Just got through a full rebuild on my engine. Carbs are meticulously clean, pop-off is set at 30psi with stock springs, LSA=1, HSA=0. New marine fuel lines also. When I start the engine cold (in or out) of the water I have to crank and crank the engine until it finally starts. Choking or...
  4. bnoe5140

    97 SPX hard starting

    I have 2 Seadoos but my 97 SPX is a problem getting it running. Once it starts it generally runs pretty well. New or freshly cleaned spark plugs usually does the trick. The plugs get wet (oil?) so I have 3 sets and clean them and rotate but it seems to be getting worse. The battery gets run down...