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    Sea doo rxp upgrade

    I have a 2008 sea doo rxp and im looking to upgrade the acceleration or speed, I have heard of different impellers like a acceleration impeller but I have no idea where to get them! I also want to get dirt bike style handlebars but do not know what to get or what else I would need to get...
  2. G

    Help!!! 1998 seadoo gsx ltd steering cable replace

    Hey i need help replaces the steering cable on my 98 gsx ltd , it stored in a non heated garage and i went too turn the handle bars and it was stuck and i forced it and snapped the cable. Can someone please give me a step by step on how to replace this and did the handlebars get stuck because...
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    1996 XP Cosmetic Modifications

    Hey! I'm new to the SeaDoo Forum and am currently doing some cosmetic touch-ups. I have a 1996 SeaDoo XP. I've already taken the pink decals off because I thought that they were kind of ugly. Also, I have taken the handlebar cover off and I've painted the handlebars black. I put a bar across...
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    Seadoo Xp finger throttle

    Hi, this is my first time posting, I have a 1999 Xp limited and just converted it to finger throttle but I need an end cap for the stock handlebars (as there is a hole where the old thumb throttle used to meet) I've looked everywhere for one, UMI used to make them but they have gone bust, none...