half throttle

  1. k_24

    97 xp half throttle for 24-48 hours after flip in the water please help

    I have a 1997 seadoo xp 787 Everytime it turns upside down in the water it runs at half throttle for the day after a day or two everything is normal I opened the spark plugs ,let the water spit out run it again and still half throttle I checked the fuel tank has no water in...
  2. S

    Sportster - lots of power but no go

    We had our 2006 Sportster 150 out this morning and it ran great. This afternoon, tried to head out and it ran fine up to about half throttle. At that point, it revs up to 8000 rpm and acts like it wants to go but can't. We picked up seaweed in the past and we tried our usual process of...