1. MDH19

    2012 210 Wake - Touch Screen Freezes, and boat runs fine

    While driving my 210 Wake, the touchscreen started freezing / Locking with the last read outs and all the other dial gauges shut off but the boat continues to operate normally. When I stop and turn off power and restart, it functions normally for a few minutes then freezes again. I can drive...
  2. F

    How to turn off “low oil” warning?

    I finished getting my ski back together and now that I have it running where I want it I can start to worry about small things, so does anyone know how to turn off the low oil light on a 97 gsx? Ive done a premix conversion and have enough oil in the tank for the rotary valve but the warning...
  3. J

    2004 Sportster guages fuse blowing

    Good day, I have a 2004 Sportster with the 155 4-Tec which my wife and I love. Problem - the guages fuse (located in the engine compartment MPEM fuse cluster) keeps blowing. This knocks out all the guages, beeper, and warning lights. The engine still runs fine. It is somewhat intermittant...
  4. S

    Hours don't display on gauge

    My 96 Seadoo SPX doesn't display engine hours. I brought a used gauge on Ebay and it still doesn't display. When I hit the start button the display lights up where the hours should be, when goes blank. Has anyone dealt with this problem before? How do I fix, just brought new engine and would...
  5. S

    Good day for a ride in my speedster 430 !

    Hi everyone, like many users I stumbled upon the forum while hunting for information about my 06 speedster 430. I haven't done a complete search on here but my guess after googling "sea doo guages" is that there are many issues. I look forward to chatting and learning more about sea doo.
  6. W

    1999 Sea Doo Bombardier GTX Gauge Problems

    My (left) digital gage is only partly working. I can press mode and go to all of the different modes MPH, RPM, shows 0 MPH and it will not change from 0. The rmp shows and goes up and down, the compass shows and is correct when cirection is changed. The gas gage/bars do not show. Why...
  7. W

    1999 Sea Doo Bombardier GTX Gauge Problems

    **** Hello All****
  8. F

    translation of french guages

    i'm working on a 96 seadoo gsx and the guages display in french. till i get it over to the dealer to have the laguage changed with the buds unit, does anyone have any idea what "comb" means? i figure there are only a few words it's set to display. thanks.