gtx rfi 787 start dies

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    01 gtx Rfi died. Starts then dies.

    Good morning, I have searched but hadn’t found exactly the same symptoms in other posts. I have two 01 gtx rfis. We went out Friday and one of my skis started running rough and sputtering at higher rpm. We pulled it back in. The next morning I pulled the fuel tank and cleaned it out and put new...
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    99 GTX RFI sputters but doesn't start

    I bought a 99 gtx from a guy back in Feb. It needed a new bottom end and new pistons. Put it all back together and put in ski. I didn't hook up the pump yet. Injectors were soaked in Seafoam and had carb cleaner blown through them. I drained the old fuel and put in new fuel with some HEET...