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  1. T

    99 GTX running rough

    My 99 GTX is running rough. Here’s what’s been done: Carb clean rebuild (Wouldn’t idle at all after this and would constantly die at low rpm’s. Runs fantastic at mid to WOT) I then noticed the threads on the choke cable were snapped and it was adjusted completely at the ends of the threads...
  2. A

    2006 Seadoo GTX Limited Will Not Rev Out

    When out of water it revs out just fine. When put in water it won’t go over 45-50 mph and 6300rpm. It’s got about 150 hrs on it. The problem occurred when I hit and wave and came down.
  3. val-e-vue

    Piston Rings - 98 GTX Limited

    Using "right" and "left" as your options, please identify the target location (i.e. top and bottom) of each ring in the photo? Example: Left is top and right is bottom. Thanks, Gregg
  4. val-e-vue

    Mikuni BN46I Injector Test

    I have a pair of 99 GTX Limited skis with the 951 engine. I'm in the middle of rebuilding them since both had blown engines. In the process of rebuilding carburetors I've found an anomaly with the injectors. The shop manual provides a test for the injectors, that involves connecting a pump to...
  5. JerMcMahan


    Hello, I have a 1998 GTX limited 951 Sea Doo. Where can I find a computer system for one?
  6. 7

    need some help with the info gauge for my 99 gsxl

    ok here's my problem. Last year I nailed the face of a wake going about 50 and flipped my ski ripping the hood off. In doing that I completely screwed up my gauge wiring. From looking around on the web I found that the 99 gtxl gauge should work on my ski (according to some people). The part #...
  7. N

    Sea Doo givaway

    Hey guys, Newton Nissan is giving away a Sea Doo GTX on the 28th. If you're in the Nashville area between now and then, you can go fill out an entry form. I'll try to see if I can get a digital form up in the meantime... to make it easier :)
  8. J

    WTB: 1999-2002 GTX Ltd MPEM 951

    [B]WTB: 1999-2002 GTX Ltd MPEM 951[B] WTB MPEM for a 99 GTX Ltd but years 1999-2002 will work. Also 2000-01 LRV uses the same MPEM. Looking to buy a used one, new part# is 278 001 525 which replaces old part #278 001 398 (some ended in 399). Or if anyone knows where to get a hold of an...
  9. Double07

    Can I pull a wakeboard on my 98 GTX Limited?

    I just got a 98 GTX limited which I am almost done rebuilding the engine. I want to try wakeboarding this summer and was wondering if the doo can pull a wakeboard. If yes, where do I tie the rope? There is a small hook right above the two opennings in the back that squirts water when flushing...