glove box lid

  1. govprof

    gps glove box lid for rxp-x?

    I've noticed that the GTI series has the option of a glove box lid that will accomodate a garmin handheld gps. Does anybody know if their is a lid available that will fit a 2008 rxp-x glove box? Will the lid from any other model fit on my ski? Thanks
  2. govprof

    Garmin 76 on an '08 rxt-x255

    Does SeaDoo or the after-market have a glove box lid available to hold a Garmin 76 GPS that will fit a 2008 rxt-x 255? I've seen these for the GTI and RXP versions on line. However one of the sites said theirs would not fit an -x or IS. Any input would help, I've already got the Garmin. We...