1. Just Luv Workin on Skis

    Puzzling Rotary Valve & Rotary Shaft Brass Gear Failure

    My 1997 Sea Doo SPX was running great for quite some time. One day after a couple of hours on the lake it just wouldn't start. There was no big noise or anything to make me believe something had gone wrong. The photos show a small nick out of the edge of the rotary gear and several teeth...
  2. T

    Anybody knows which part need to go there ? No idea and nothing found on parts manual

    Hi, I am rebuilding my SeaDoo Challenger CS 2006. The supercharger broken and i have to change the stator, magneto and double gear.. and a nice cleaning of all parts. I am now to rebuild the pto and don't know witch part go there ( yellow circle ). And no part found on sea-doo parts website...
  3. H

    2004 GTX starter gear missing-Please Help

    I pulled the starter off of my 2004 GTX and the gear on the end of the starter was missing. Do I have to take it all apart to find the gear? Any suggestions would help. Could it possibly have fell into the oil pan? Thank you.
  4. C

    converting 95 gtx to premix

    i am trying to convert my gtx to premix following kustomkarl's instrictions which are ""Take the injector pumo off...remove the plastic shaft and replace the oil pump. With the shaft removed it won't burn up the pump from lack of lube from the passing oil in the injector. Remove the line going...
  5. L

    Help with 787 Rotary Valve Gear

    Just wondering if anyone with experience in 787 rebuilds can tell me if the rotary valve worm gear from my engine looks worn. It doesn't seem right to me. The teeth of the gear are sharp almost knife-like. With the crank in the case, there seems to be a lot of back and forth rotational play...