gas tank

  1. Revets

    GTS gas tank and vents

    I have a 95 GTS. When you fill the tank full and on a hot day it spills out the gas cap. Ok is the lower relief valve bad or the top check valve or neither? I put new fuel lines on back a few years ago to get the green out. Now I have to run with the gas valve on Reserve. It shuts off on the run...
  2. Irish1800

    Crankcase,Rods,Intake,Carbs,Crank for Polaris 780 SLX

    I have a complete engine less the jugs and pistons for a 780 SLX Polaris engine. Had a piston go on it ruined 1 jug. I sold the other 2 jugs and pistons already. Will sell complete or in parts. PM me or reply here to let me know if your interested. Also have a hood and gas tank with fuel...
  3. N

    Lost a part, Help!!

    First of all, thanks in advance for any help you have to offer. I am posting on behalf of a coworker of mine who is working on an early 2000's Bombardier GTX for his girlfriends parents,:confused: get it?? This thing hasn't been run in a couple years and only has about 15 hours on it. He...