fuel tank

  1. James_bond12

    fuel tank recall

    Hello everyone I know this is similar to other threads but, I am going through the dealership games to replace the fuel tank on my 96 XP. It still qualified under the recall according to BRP (I also have it in writing if the dealer questions it). I also have a 95 GTX that looking around the...
  2. T


    I'm new but my 95 XP isn't. I'm trying to replace the gray fuel lines and I'm having issues separating the oil tank and the gas tank so I can pull the gas tank forward and get to all the hose connections on the tank. I don't want to damage the fitting on the bottom of the oil tank. Any great...
  3. R

    Water in Fuel tank, what now?

    What happened: I recently bought a 1997 Challenger 1800, I was told by the seller not to put it in the water until I bought this little vent cap that goes on the side. Well, I didn't listen and put it in the water for a bout 2 hours and I got into some pretty rough water for about 10 min. or...