1. ww111

    2009 Sea-Doo Islandia coolant flow

    Hi guys, Port engine is fine, hook hose up to external inlet and water flows like it should from Exhaust. Starboard engine not so much. Tried to back flow and again, nothing. Put 100 PSI of air in and again nothing. Didn't run it long enough for the light, but is there a common blockage...
  2. Jimmihs

    Seadoo Challenger 2000 ..fuel measurement

    HI, I have a Seadoo Challenger 2000 from '03 ..I have it together with a frind and we would like to be able to see how much fule we use when we sale the boat. I have been tryinig to find a fule flowmeter that can mesure the amount of fule going to the engine. :confused: Do you have any...