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    Thanks and a riding question

    First of all, thank you to everyone on this forum. I was gifted my first PWC ; a 98 XP with a rope in the impeller and numerous other technical problems. Thanks to all of you and your posts, I was able diagnose and fix everything. It's running like new and I am having a blast! I was able to...
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    some Questions

    Hey everyone, I am thinking about buying a sea-doo GTI 130 and i have a few questions. I'm pretty new to jet skiing so i apologize in advance for any stupid questions :) - How much would the GTI 130 consume in ECO mode ? ( if you can't give me a rough number a range would be appreciated )...
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    GTI LE RFI - usual protocol for flipping and maintenance

    Hey guys, my cousins and i are new jet ski owners and users, and this GTI LE RFI is our family's first PWC just wondering what the protocol should be when we flip our watercraft? like which direction it has to go, how to do it, and whether we should start it afterwards or not? and also...