fish finder

  1. R

    Using the striker 4 dual transducer in hull 2019 gti se 155

    Hi I'm trieing to mount a transducer its the bullet shape I tried in the front near the battery with silicone in the back with epoxy but both time it just reads 5 ft and no bottom but when outside of the boat held by hand hand it reads perfectly fine so does anyone know a spot on this hull I can...
  2. joe.burns91

    Wake pro 230 with fish finder for cheap (or any 2020 gtx)

    Hey all, Just wanted to share that I had a great idea when buying my new ski. I do a bit of wakeboarding and fishing from my skis, so I opted for the wake pro 230. In order to turn it into the fish pro, I asked them to order the mounting bracket and the wiring harness (required if you have the...
  3. kimber_shaye

    How to Install depth finder on PWC

    Hi All, I recently set about installing a depth finder on my PWC. I had a hard time finding any detailed instructions online. So, my brother, a marine mechanic and semi-pro bass fisher, and I got together, installed mine and wrote instructions that could help other people. Depth Finder Mount...
  4. J

    Seadoo X20: Lowrance Hook4/Transducer Install using a Split Thru Hull Cable Fitting

    Hello, I've posted a few projects on this forum under another post but figured this one deserved its own thread. As a new owner of an X20 I've been going through and dialing it in for the summer season that seems it will never come. Today it is snowing in Minnesota after 70 deg weather earlier...
  5. Kparis14

    Installing Lowrance Elite 5 Fishfinder/Chartplotter on 2012 Challenger 210

    Hi, I picked up a Lowrance Elite 5 GPS/ Fishfinder unit with and external transducer and will attempt to install next weekend. Has anyone done this on a Seadoo Challenger 210? My boat is a 2012. So far, I have the Lowrance unit, a cool bracket I picked up from Tallon System that I will use...
  6. Double07

    Any reliable alternative to transom mount transducer for fish finder

    I have a Lowrance 337 fish finder combo that I plan to put on my 2001 seadoo utopia. I have read several posts on how simple and worry free it is to drill holes in the hull, mount the transducer, and seal the holes, but yet somthing about drilling holes in the hull is a bit worrysome with me...