exhaust burnt hose

  1. M

    2004 3D rfi exhaust too hot

    I have a 2004 3D rfi and I have deleted the resonators and have it just straight piped it from the water box to the outlet. I am aware that this may cause it to be harder to start, but my question is that I have drilled out all the fittings in tune pipe (3) along with all the other elbow...
  2. D

    2001gti exhaust leak

    i have a 2001 GTI with a large exhaust leak inside the engine compartment. Where can it be coming from, it fills it up in seconds. Where an it be coming from?
  3. RedRockSA

    3D- Cooling - Anti-Rollover Bypass Hose

    2005 SeaDoo 3D Basic - I have an overheating problem and am going through the cooling hoses cleaning them out and making sure they are clear. I'm doing a combination of removal, checking for cracks, flushing with water and light cleaner & blowing air into the hoses as well as the valves...