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    Switch Limited Error

    I am getting an Error when trying to play music on my 2024 Switch Limited, it has the upgraded JL Audio Option and the dealer has no idea, closest dealer is a bit of a drive, anyone ever experienced this and how to resolve? It says it's playing my music but no audio, tried power cycling the...
  2. P

    New Member with a 2009 GTI 130 and a Cam Phase Sensor issue

    Hey all, I have a 2009 GTI 130 which has run flawlessly for years. This weekend my son and his friends were running it on Lake Gaston, VA and the check engine light came on with a error code of 0344. It is running fine, but put it on the sidelines until I can clear the error. I've been...
  3. D

    2008 Seadoo speedster 150 supercharged Ignition Coil Code

    Took my speedster out and after 20 mins received a Code P0352 which is ignition coil #2.. changed the spark plugs and took it back out. worked for about 5 mins perfectly then code came back.. I then switch ignition coil #2 and #3 to see if i would get the code for Ignition coil #3(p0353) and it...
  4. K

    '96 Challenger... Wierd Starting Sequence!?

    Everything has been fine for years. Went to start the other day, put key on and got the single "error" beep...and obviously couldn't get it to engage the starter. I'm pretty sure that the DESS key was working or I guess I wouldn't have gotten the error beep. Now, for the weird part: I take...
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    Seadoo RXT IS 2009 error code P0122

    Hello, anybody had any encounter an error code PO122 with a seadoo RXT IS model 2009? I always have this error code with beep sound whenever i use this watercraft. Any ideas on what I should do?