1. Bowser

    Front 717 720 Rotax Motor Mounts

    eBay item number: 125456625311 Sea-Doo Rotax 717 720 Motor Mounts Two front 270 000 179 mounts Condition is good Hardware condition is good Genuine SeaDoo items Will be shipped in rigid cardboard box wrapped snugly in packaging paper USPS Shipping Thanks for looking! Check out my other...
  2. va-jim

    Beware: Ebay new starters are junk!!!

    Just trying to forewarn anyone looking for a new starter. The price is low ($54.75) with free shipping and a 1 year warranty from EBAY (Discount Starter and Alternator/Seller:cgatesdsa) vs. $278 BRP. Stupid me bought the starter and installed, which is a real pain and learned the hard way...