1. L

    2011 Wake 155 Drain Neck Assembly loose and leaking

    The drain neck assembly on my 2011 Wake 155 is loose, and will cause leaks. I cannot reach the bushing from inside the PWC to hold the bushing while a friend tightens the drain neck. Anyone know of a way to reach the bushing from inside the PWC?? What are other options to tighten the...
  2. T

    Three Drain Plugs, One Was Never There...

    Hi All, I noticed today that there are three drain plugs in the rear of the 2015 Sea Doo GTS 130. Two go to the main innards and one to a hose of some sort. The one to the hose is missing and I actually suspect it hasn't been there to begin with... Could anyone tell me what that drain...
  3. JuanchoPWC

    HOW TO: Antifreeze Change - Drain

    I just finished to change the Antifreeze to my Seadoo GTX as part of my noob year maintenance care... i must say: this job was a piece of cake..!!! now my seadoo will jump some waves with new antifreeze for the rest of the season..!!! Let just start by pointing the drain plug... An...
  4. B

    Owner Operator... in addition to comedy of errors.

    Well hello everybody... my first post. Was hoping it would not be user error, but alas, here we are. As you read this, please feel free to laugh at me, as I've already gotten myself to a point where I can laugh... was a stretch, but I'm there now. Setup: So I picked up a brand new 2012...
  5. dothadoo

    Engine Ice?

    So, i have some Engine Ice coolant left over from my motorcycle days. Has anyone had any experience with this product running in their intercooler? It is supposed to cool the engine by up to about 10-15 degrees or so.
  6. F

    HELP! wife put gas in the oil res.!

    My wife took our 2001 sea doo RX to the gas station and accidentally put the gas in the oil reservoir! About 2-3 gallons she thinks. The ski was never started. Aside from siphoning out the gas... what else can I do? I am a novice so could someone walk me through? Thank you